• Esthetic, Confor, Safety

    It is Hard to Imagine Any Project Which Does not Require Multiple Multifunctional Processed Flat Glass Products
  • StarGrup Cam A.Ş

    We are a Globally Active Glass Processing Company Specializing in Architectural Applications of Flat Glass.
  • StarGrup Cam A.Ş

    Stargrup Supplies Multifunctional Processed Flat Glass Products to the Market and Increases the Product Variety
  • StarGrup Cam A.Ş

    Stargrup Puts on Live All Contemporary Management Techniques and Applications Within the Company.
  • StarGrup Cam A.Ş

    Depending on the Needs, Stargrup Gives Local Sales and Logistic Services to His Foreign Customers Which Covers 50 % of His Sales at Least.

About Us

Stargrup supplies multifunctional processed flat glass products to the market and increases the product variety by following very closely the developments in glass and machinery industries.

Activity Map

Currently, we employ 400 people over 4 countries. Our HQ is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We have sister companies in France, United Kingdom and USA.

Beauty & Protect

Glass, is not a dressing material that covers the structure. It is a material that provides solar control, thermal insulation, safety, noise reduction and natural light.

Production Management

StarGrup has developed its own system according to the needs of the glass processing business: flexible, dynamic, effective and easy to use.