Leading Glass Processor for High-Rise Commercial and Residential Buildings

High-end Technology, Modern Production Management

Discover our state-of-art machinery, fueled by our Online Production & Tracking System. Be able to track, in real-time, all developments, regarding your project.

Worldwide Standards, Digital Quality Control Management

Collaborate with a viable partner that meets the technical expectations of your project.
Experience an innovative approach to quality control management, where final product output data is monitorized and registered digitally for traceability and instant communication.

World-renowned Supply Chain, Independence of Choice

Become a part of the team!
We give you the option to evaluate a broad selection of products for your requirements, leading to the perfect-fit solution for your project.

Advanced Logistics and Operations Management

Benefit from our distribution channels and warehouses to cut logistics costs of your project, get instant feedback regarding your orders through our system.

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Leading Glass Processor for Commercial and High-Rise Residential Buildings

On our journey to become one of the major glass processors in the world and to achieve sustainable growth, we seek to create long-term value within our network by providing creative and adept solutions and developing strong alliances and partnerships.


StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Porto Office

Porto Office

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → East Village NO6

East Village NO6

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg

Lakhta Center

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → National Paediatric Hospital

Paediatric Hospital

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Eiffage Metro, Riyadh

Eiffage Metro, Riyadh

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

Schipol Airport

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Administration Communale D’etterbeek


StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Apex House, London

Apex House, London

StarGrup Ongoing Projects → Clancy Quay, Dublin

Clancy Quay, Dublin

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