Computerised Integrated Real Time Production Management System

Computerised Integrated Real Time Production Management System


StarGrup has developed an award-winning technological infrastructure to operate a flexible, dynamic, effective and a digital organization.

The backbone of the system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Axapta) as ERP and StarGrup integrated the following subsystem to AXAPTA.  

Product Configurator: E-con solutions
Automatic Autocad Drawing Generation: Autocad
Cutting Optimization: Lisec
Capacity Planning: Icron
Advanced Production Scheduling (APS): Icron
Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Icron
Decision Support System: Icron b-port

The system allows to;

  • Track the order from the raw materials that are used and the operations which are executed upto the delivery of the final product,
  • Follow the order situations, delivery date realizations, customer claims
  • Plan and execute shop floor operations in integrity,
  • Digitilize final product quality control records,
  • Follow and determine all kind of waste and take preventative measures to reduce them,
  • Base the decisions on data,
  • Inform customers on time about the status of their orders,
  • Provide reliable delivery dates,
  • Share needed information inside the company on time,

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