StarGrup has restructured as StarGrup Cam A.S in 2006, while it’s experience in glass business goes back to the beginning of the 90’s. StarGrup is a leading processor of architectural glass products for commericial and high-rise residential buildings.



StarGrup is a leading and independent glass processor that provides a wide range of glass solutions for commercial and high-rise residential building facade industry.

StarGrup, after its implementation in 2006, is a multinational organization with branches in 4 locations and activities over 40+ countries.

StarGrup offers an extensive know-how on architectural glass products that has different aesthetic appearance, color, light transmission, reflection, heat and solar control, acoustic insulation and fire protection properties.

StarGrup provides creative and adept solutions to meet market demands in terms of quality standarts, on time delivery, flexibility and product variety.

General Information:

  • Corporote Name: STARGRUP CAM A.Ş.
  • Founded: 2005
  • Corporate Headquarters: Hadimkoy Factory
  • Main Activity: Flat Glass Processing
  • Total area:  26.000 M²
  • Covered area: 16.000 M²


Sales (Gross):

  • 2016 Actual: 24,5 Million Eur
  • 2017 Actual: 27,5 Million Eur
  • 2018 Actual: 28,5 Million Eur
  • 2019 Expected: 35 Million Eur



91 whitecollar, 261 bluecollar

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