Human Recources Policy and Strategies


We believe that competitive advantage in the market is gained by technological capabilities as well as with the existence of well trained and competant employees.
We aim to build a strong workforce through the following policy and strategies;
  • Act according to “our employees are our most valuable asset” belief,
  • Respect the rights of the employees,
  • Recruite talent personel that share our values,
  • Use competency as the only selection criteria among applicants,
  • Create the understanding among emloyees that there is a balance between “employee rights “and his/her “duties and responsibilities”,
  • Build employee training programs on periodical personel competency evaluations,
  • Implement a fair and consistent personel evaluation system which takes into consideration the job’s properties, employee’ competence level, employee’s contribution to the job and his/her performance,
  • Improve the organizational structure and job contents  continuously  in order  to quickly adapt to changes happening in the market and educate the workforce convenient to these changes on time,
  • Execute periodical Employee Satisfaction Poll and consider the results as a source of improvement programs.

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