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In the beginning of the 80’s we’ve entered the glass industry as a small glass workshop with 5 people including me and my brothers.

It was a family business. For us, it was always about family.

Times were though and competitive, but we were young and passionate, not afraid of getting our hands dirty. We loved and respected each other, our workshop and the meaning of this journey we started together as a family.

I believe around late 80’s, we had a team of 30 people to serve the domestic glass market in Istanbul.

In the next couple of years, we were experiencing growth and this has led us into channeling our efforts and investments into building new facilities with developped machinery and creating distribution networks within various parts of Istanbul.

Honestly, during the 90’s, all I remember is putting in the long hours, trying to make every investment count, working hard to deliver, focusing and investing not only in product, land or machinery but in people as well.

When we’ve entered the 2000’s, we were a major supplier of processed glass products to the Turkish construction market, with over 40.000m2’s of production area.

Over the course of my years active, I was always fascinated by architecture and how glass was omnipresent in it.

StarGrup’s founding partner Mr. İsmail Yıldız shared the same passion and view with me at the time. We wanted to be a part of this and become a leading company in that area as buildings became more and more glass-friendly.

Together, in 2005, we have decided to start a new company that focused on architectural glass. We have incorporated StarGrup, to specialize in high-rise residential and commercial buildings over Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Mr. İsmail Yıldız had an extensive knowledge in building products and technicalities of delivering high-quality glass products for facades at that time. He himself was a part of remarkable projects over the world and our experiences simply completed and complimented each other.

Today, I proudly say that he is partner and the Vice-President of StarGrup and the Director of Production.

Over the course of the years, we have succesfully carried out projects all around the world and we’ve made a good name for ourselves with our experties combined, the quality of our products and our on-time deliveries, while sticking to our core family values.

I think that the first project we did that caught the markets attention was NATO’s headquarters in Brussels.

This was our most prestigious project to date. We have manufactured and supplied 36,000 m² double glazing units.

Even though we’ve produced similar amounts for other projects, this one was different. We’ve come a long way from being a small workshop with 5 people to supplying one of worlds most recognized buildings that hosted world leaders…proud times for all of us yet we were ready for more.

I think what we did differently was to invest in information technologies while the competition solely focused on having bigger and better machinery. We have invested in a custom made enterprise resource planning system which ended up winning awards from several universities. This system was providing total traceability in our production, helping us better manage our supply chain, planning, deliveries, reclamations, quality control and inventory.

I believe that being able to track every single development in our production in real-time regarding their project gives great comfort to our customers.

Later on, we have established sister companies in the United Kingdom, France and the USA with warehouses and commercial offices to serve our global partners locally.

We have created a business environment that promotes common interests instead of competition.

We have always shared success and failure over the course of 30 years.

Today, we have many employees working with us for more than 10 years.

Our priority is to maintain mutual trust with every single of our 361 employees and our business partners.

We’re on a very exciting journey and experiencing growth rates now better than ever, StarGrup have surpassed the milestone of 90% on export sales, with several organizations established worldwide in 2019.

This comes from loving and respecting what we do and staying honest to our core values that motivated us from day one.

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