Our Values


Our employees are our most valuable asset: We give priority to our employees’ wealth and safety conditions and the needs to increase their job capabilities.

Our customers are our future: We believe that a sustainable success in the market could be realized by persuing our customers’ expectations on time and satisfing them beyond their expectations continousely.

Vaste elimination is a must: We know that our customers do not pay the cost of activities which do not create a value for them. We eliminate all kind of vaste such as customer claims, breakages, excess stocks, waitings etc.

Continous improvement is the road to excellence: We relentlessly promote the search to excellence by continous improvement programs and we believe that this is the most valid way to manage the change.

Use systematic approach and take decisions based on data: We evaluate all of our processes with system view and solve our problems with a systematic approach and take decisons based on data analysis.

Internalize the proactive approach and right questioning: We encourage all employees to take preventive actions in order to eliminate the problems and in case of a problem occurence to ask the right question: instead of ” who did it?” ask ” why was it happen and what was the source of it?”.

Work as a team: We develope a working environment generating mutual benefits for all employees instead of interpersonel competition. We always share the succes as well as the difficulties.

Code of ethics are our guides: We generate trust and behavioral consistency within the company through our code of ethics which are valid in all of our activities.

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